White Tahoe Cookies Strains

Top 10 Marijuana Dispensary in Ashburn.

S no. Title Rating
1 R Greenleaf Organics - Westside 5.00
2 Sonoma Patient Group 4.50
3 WAM (Wickenburg Alternative Medicine) 4.59
4 Cannabis Coast 5.00
5 MedMen Buffalo 4.73
6 Buds Ltd 4.77
7 Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance - SCVA 0.00
8 LAVC - Los Angeles Variety Cannabis 4.33
9 Compassionate Patient Resources Collective 5.00
10 Curaleaf - Ocala (Coming Soon) 0.00

White Tahoe Cookies is an indica-dominant strain created by Kush4Breakfast and distributed by Archive Seed Bank. This strain is a blend of The White, Tahoe OG, and an unknown Girl Scout Cookies cut, and exemplifies attributes of each in trichome coverage, effect, and aroma. The GSC bouquet has been enhanced through this cross, offering up sweeter, hashier notes with distant OG undertones. Its restful effects pile on with each hit, weighing the consumer to their seat while alleviating minor pain and anxiety.


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